Industrial installations realization

Thanks to its highly qualified personnel and advanced equipment, C.O.I.M. is a reliable partner in realizing the most diverse industrial plants, from prefabrication to assembly. Each procedure is carried out with the utmost attention to timing, facilitated thanks to the exclusive use of our privately owned vehicles.

After careful planning, and via the use of equipped mobile workshops, C.O.I.M. handles the construction of industrial plants in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, energy and petrochemical sectors, taking particular care of the following phases:

piping systems construction and assembly;
specialized mechanics;
plants installation;
plant insulation.

The quality and the results of each project are guaranteed by three strategic assets: specialized technicians and skilled labour, state-of-the-art equipment and the availability of a fleet of owned lifting equipment, ideally chosen in various capacities, aerial platforms and telescopic forklifts, suitable for various contexts and needs.