Our story

Reliable and dynamic, C.O.I.M. was established by Marco Guzzon, backed by a lengthy professional, personal and family experience in the field of industrial plants and maintenance. Through a branched network of partners and suppliers and thanks to an in-house team, the company has matured an important legacy of technical knowledge and an innovation-driven approach. Safety, processing improvement and quality are the guidelines of a strategy that enables constant growth and that has made C.O.I.M. a key player throughout northern Italy.

Emblem of C.O.I.M.’s ongoing investments is its new headquarters, strategically located at the intersection of the main communicating roads in north-western Italy, which reflects the attention to detail and the company’s constant look towards the future. The total surface is approximately 7,500 Sq m, with 300 Sq m of offices and a 1,000 Sq m state-of-the-art workshop including a warehouse with substantial stocks, ready to respond promptly to every request. The internal workshop, which is constantly in contact with the design division, also allows us to develop engineering prototype solutions that meet the growing needs of contemporary industry.