C.O.I.M. is specialized in the design of industrial plants and pressure equipment realization for the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, energy and petrochemical sectors, using constantly updated engineers and technicians and the latest generation technologies.

C.O.I.M. is attentive to every project phase and places project management at the centre of all assignments; an activity that concretely translates the clients’ actual needs and guarantees the success of every plant design thanks to precise management and planning tools. Our internal project managers, in fact, deal with all the organizational aspects while pursuing clear objectives:

  • delivery times;
  • optimization of costs;
  • compliance with the highest quality standards;
  • ongoing coordination seeking the utmost efficiency in each activity;
  • pressure equipment realization (tanks, reactors, exchangers, pressure filters).

C.O.I.M., after a preliminary analysis of the requests, develops the complete project of the plant or works side-by-side with the client’s technicians providing absolute attention to detail. In taking advantage of the latest calculation, design and engineering software, it ensures compliance with international technical regulations and the most stringent security requirements.