Safety is a priority in the development of all of C.O.I.M.’s projects. In fact, safety is the first, indispensable aspect that allows us to ensure exclusively a service of absolute quality. All internal staff carry out continuous refresher courses to implement policies and security procedures that comply with current legislation. Through careful annual planning activities, precise objectives and a calendar of accredited courses are defined along with the technical and specialization courses for the entire workforce. C.O.I.M. has always developed important investments in the field of safety, even anticipating legal obligations, so as to ensure optimal work conditions for workers, both at the equipped workshop and at all construction sites. For precisely these reasons, the OHSAS 18001 certification process is also currently under way.




C.O.I.M. is also involved in an internal improvement process of the various company activities, aimed at responding with increasing effectiveness to the growing needs of virtuous and sustainable environmental policies.